Marlin 2.x Firmware releases for the Ender 3 Pro, BTT SKR 1.4


Please note custom Marlin sources have been migrated from BitBucket to GitLab. Additionally custom Marlin releases will now be found & hosted at GitLab at the following URL:

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Use at your own risk

Usage & Installation Details

  1. Download a desired firmware build and rename it to firmware.bin.
  2. Copy the file firmware.bin to the MicroSD card and insert into BTT SKR1.4 and boot.
  3. Check and update probe offsets!

Important information on Probe offsets

Keep in mind that in using these binary builds; you will need to adjust your X, Y, Z offset settings specific to your setup.

Updating Probe offset values manually using G-code M851

The following example shows the G-Code required to set the offset values after flashing a new firmware. Again you will need to adjust these offsets to accommodate your own requirements.

Set the Z offset for the BLTouch by sending G-code:

M851 Z-1.46 

Set the X and Y distance (probe left front of nozzle) by sending G-code:

M851 X-46.00 Y-16.00 

Set X, Y, and Z in one G-code command:

M851 X-46.00 Y-16.00 Z-1.46

Save the setting to the EEPROM by sending G-code:


Setting Fade Height manually via G-code M420

Set the Fade Height with G-Code:

M420 Z10